Health and Safety

The Seagull recognises that the task of keeping everyone safe within our venue is a shared responsibility held jointly by ourselves, our visiting companies and our users.

In order to support everyone in understanding their responsibilities we suggest that visiting companies should familiarise themselves with our health and safety procedures before arrival and this would include reading the Health and Safety policy (linked below)

The Seagull makes available to all users and visiting companies a generic risk assessment of our building which details the main risks and mitigating factors within our venue. This is available from the link below. We recommend that any hirer or visiting company takes time to carefully read this assessment and consider any areas which may impact upon their own use of the Theatre.

Those companies / performers who are staging performances in our venue, will be asked to provide a production specific risk assessment. If your company already has a risk assessment then we are happy to receive it, however alternatively we provide a simple proforma which you can complete for your show. The proforma is available from the link below.


The Theatre has an upto date Asbestos register which should be consulted before any drilling of the theatre walls is undertaken or other activity which could dislodge any asbestos. There are only two small areas of asbestos in the building however and risk is very low. Please ask to see our asbestos register if you believe you intend to undertake work which may cause this risk.


The Theatre maintains an upto date Legionella survey and takes regular actions to ensure that the risk of legionella is monitored and mitigated. The Legionella survey is available upon request.


The Theatre maintains a fire alarm system and a number of fire extinguishers. The alarm system is tested weekly and fire extinguishers and emergency lighting is subject to regular servicing. A full fire risk assessment is available for inspection upon request.